Friday, October 28, 2011

Farewell Grandpa

     My last grandfather has past away, quite suddenly.  I did see him a few days previous, and had plans to see him again at the end of the week.  It was his first visit to my house, and he stayed awhile telling me of his computer woes.  So I have a good last memory with him, it seemed odd to me that it would be our last encounter.

     It's still a little hard to grasp but each one in the family has their own way of taking it.  Growing old means watching everyone you've ever loved slowly die off until you're the only one left from your era.  Then all those recollections you have are slowly washed away by the needlessness of being unable to share them with for whom they're meant.  Then watching everything that you knew to be 'the way it was' change to the way it will be, and all the things you tried to get comfortable with advance beyond your comprehension.  Trying to realize these facts before going in may help in the stubborn phases that stop one from being able to fully accept their world has changed and now are required to adapt.

     Even after his death, there is still much to learn about grandpa.  He was a pretty suave guy who loved to dance and sing, full of culture and passion.  Long live Grandpa's memory!

Here is a memorial page I made with our reception information:

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