Thursday, November 17, 2011

Handheld Music Wars

iTunes Match < Google Music  as of 11/17/11

     Seems Apple has made a google-music clone, and of course Apple is making people pay for it, but interestingly enough many Apple fans are upset at the ability to allow your own music/content to be pushed to the service (a la Google Music).  As if every song is purchasable in the world, and it's also on iTunes for them to pay Apple for it.  Boasting a 25$ a year price tag, not very accessible to their users, and it seems there are some restrictions for putting your own music up, like a 256kb/s quality min. in their ACC format.  Somewhat of a bummer seeing most people record their backups at half that quality to preserve space...

     At the same time, Google Music leaves beta, and offers anyone 20,000 songs at any quality (even ogg and flac lossless, and the lowest quality mp3) on any platform be it iPhone or Android.  To top it all off it's also free, at the same time Google also announced that it would also begin to sell music on their online store for all those who didn't buy it before (or it was DRM[from iTunes] and couldn't be used) or feel that they need to pay some other company than the record label for the music.

     I'm curious to see how Apple's new service is adopted and grows, seems like a great idea, and more open to a DRM free world for once.  Hopefully this will also push Google to improve their handheld music department and as well their online music store.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Binary Day 11/11/11 (127)

     Today was a relaxing day, got up late, had a great breakfast.  Then took a long shower, then went to my cousin's birthday where he and all his friends were playing video games the entire time.  

     It's better than bad, it's good... low stress, solved many problems, things are looking up, now to get myself back online.  I have been offline for soo long, have to sew up loose ends now.  Miss many of my friends and work that I love so dearly, I hope to see you all soon!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Asteroid YU55

     So this asteroid is on it's way close to earth, I tried to get a picture of it but it's not too great on my phone. At least I think this is the asteroid.  If I understand the trajectory correctly....
What could this do to the tides if the asteroid gets close enough to earth to pull it some... some concentric tides or something.  Wish I had my Telescope.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Isn't what it used to be...

     I barely saw anyone in costume, I figured at college people would be too egocentric to dress up and it was jut that age group, but on my return home I see the middle schoolers walking by in NO costume?! KIDS ON HALLOWEEN WITH NO COSTUME.... AT SCHOOL... That shit used to be fun, but what now?  It's not allowed, we're in such an economic downfall, people are unexcited about Halloween .

     I figured it was just the day time, but even during the night wasn't until way later did I see some of my friends in costume, but I had no Trick-or-Treaters all night... now THAT is spooky!