Saturday, December 17, 2011

Android Icon Project

     School has just ended, And finals are done. So I figured to keep myself coded it would be simple enough to make an Adw theme and icon set...  I was mistaken, the project is nothing close to simple. I've learned some Java, and it is very similar to C#.  This helped tons.  If you're not Familiar with ADW Launcher check it out, it's an open-source launcher alternative with many neat feature and may even speed up your launcher experience.  
     Took me a whole day to figure out eclipse, and how to set up and sign my apk package.  Once I finished it I was very pleased with myself.  I have my first apk ready and made a few tests to see if it was working.
     Added a few lines of code and then lost everything, now I have a working model and the bones of the project to resurrect.
     Perhaps another day or few then I may begin public testing a more public build... time to start over...

Here are some ScreenShots of what I'm working on:

 On the Left you have My Icon Set                                  On the Right you have Stock ADW
This is my custom Drawer colors in blue.

     As you can see, not all the Icons are transformed yet, I'm still thinking up better ways to do this, including this 'shader' option so that every Icon complies with the theme whether I've doctored it or not.  Then I'll make totally new Icons to better shape this package to it's own unique piece of art.

Then Android Market, here I come~

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Like any lunatic...

I'm watching the lunar eclipse right now...
Won't happen again until 2014...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

If you have an android phone, 10¢ apps on the Market!

     There is this great Android sale going on right now, Similar to Steam's usual Christmas sale Google has selected 10 apps a day for you to download from the Market place, at only 10 cents.  Some are games, some apps for kids and some for adults.  I got myself Minecraft Pocket Edition for 10 cents on the first day/night, but who knows what else there might be while this interesting deal goes on.

     On a side note, Happy Birthday Richard H. I'm on my way to getting your present today as well... (BF3)

Today is the last day of regular school for me as well, so it should be a fair day.