Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Anti-Sopa day shares Fears of censorship

     Since last night 9PM, the first site I tried going to ( was already doing it's protest.  And amazed to see many other popular influential sites go down.  One site I'm somewhat upset didn't go down, most likely out of anger from the users if it did was Facebook.  That site alone would have caused enough grief for those who support the bill.  It's amazing seeing the whole internet work together to show how bad of an idea one legal matter the big companies want to impose on the public.

     I've somewhat censored my site, and am joining the protest.  I personally want to see a letter on one of these site saying "If your parents work for the movie or publishing industry, they it's ALL their fault..."  I want to see these company's kids walking up to them crying going, why is this down, they say it's YOUR fault.

     It's time to start heavily protesting the companies that support the SOPA and PIPA bill, If I know a company supports SOPA, my money goes elsewhere even overseas into the wrong hands if needed.  I wonder what would happen if people started buying Chinese Micky-Mouse copyright-infringed clones and sent them to Disney with a letter telling them more Mickey clones will come unless they drop support...  I would already say stop buying movies, but unfortunately the Movie companies have one upped me by releasing horrible movies as of recently, so people are already inclined to not buy them.  

     We should treat these companies like when Metallica stopped Napster way back when, I know many people stopped buying, and even listening to them (as did I) since they ruined the first nice p2p.  Imagine how our troops must feel, leaving an America they understand to go to war, then they come back to China-esque communications tampering and the freedoms they were fighting for were killed along with their foes on the battlefield.           As such~

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