Friday, January 13, 2012

Over New Years, Here's a tune

     Well I hope everyone had a great new years, mine wasn't very great.  Lost my laptop and much of my work that was on it.  Despite the circumstances, I've decided to release a piece I've compiled for my cousin Elisa.  She told me as inspiration the word "Guitar" and this is what became of it.  I started it around the End of December, and I also have a very good midi version I've cooked up... Here it is: Eliza's Song by MemoryThief

And if you're curious how it was before I worked on it, or what the inspiration came from here is the former:

Elisa's Song Origin by MemoryThief

You can find the midi on my site, in the downloads section... (may not work right, for whatever reason) or not?

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