Friday, March 16, 2012

Anime Konji Fun

     For anyone going to Anime Konji San Diego, I'm sure you'll be seeing many cool new trends, as well as traditional anime-esque content.  There will be cosplayers playing and magic card a gathering, video game challenging and concert music a playing, but there are two places you need to check out!

     The first place is the steampunk accessory shop, EarGeer.  You'll see bountiful array of modernized mechanical yesteryear gear.  From full sets of accessory for the ladies, to some male oriented styles... there is something for everyone.  Don't forget to mention where you heard about it! ;)

     Secondly, there is an anime café that brightens the experience of the whole show.  You haven't done any anime convention until you've stopped by Mochi Café~ The maid café group does many shows and each have their own color and style.  Not a bad way to rest from your difficult convention day.

So check them out when you visit, you'll be glad you did!  Have fun at the convention!

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