Wednesday, March 14, 2012

GDC and San Francisco

     Although I'm back from GDC, I still need to get back to many people I met while I was there.  San Francisco was much fun, from earthquakes to accidents you're a part of something huge happening all the time.  Everyone was able to check something off their list of never having experienced before.  For me it was getting in a bar-fight, and with a guy who called himself 'Jake the Snake'. Good times~
Jake the Snake and I before
our friendly quarrel.

     Most of our time there was spent at GDC, at our Miner Wars kiosk/display.  It was interesting to see people's reaction to our game, some even drew parallels to things I couldn't see before.  For example; often times people would come by and see our ship in an asteroid, and then say "Oh it's like the Matrix..." and scratching my head I figured out that they see the scene from the Nebuchadnezzar descending into the 'tunnels.'  Some other girl came by and told us that the game reminded her of Titan AE, and at first, I also didn't see it, but as she explained how the movie went and how our game is going, I was super amazed how similar it really was...
Marek Rosa and Nick Miller at the Keen Software Booth #62 at GDC Play 2012

     What was truly interesting, was the fact not only the people who came by to see games were impressed, but developers of the same genre were also stoked about our game.  We met Dan Dixon who worked on Universal Sandbox, this was a great meeting because we're both spacey people who like space games.  It's refreshing to see someone who built a game you've played before, and then vice versa seeing the interest in our game being in the same genre.  It didn't stop there however, many other developers liked what we had going  on and I went around to insure I knew what they had going on as well.  There were many interesting new games on the market I'll have to blog about later, and of course it seemed making a zombie game is in fashion this year.

     After all our GDC adventures, we went and hit town.  We didn't have much time to spend there, so I ensured we hit all the nitty gritty.  From the transit center at the start of the Embarcadero, to the wharf and fish market.  I even ran into a well dressed, and pretty happy with it dog.  She was wearing sunglasses at night, and I have never seen a dog wear sunglasses at night... So I had to take a picture...
Awesome Dressed dog, I fogot her name, but she was pretty close into town.
Her owner was pretty chill too...

     All in all, San Francisco was lots of fun, and I have many interesting and gruesome stories to tell from it. I wish I had more time to spend there, to see the friends who were near, and the new friends I met while traveling around, but that could be the basis of a whole new journey.  As for this one, a few moments will stick with me pretty well, San Francisco is anything but boring.

Marek Rosa and I in front of Boudin's, after having their famous
Clam Chowder Bread bowl, and getting surprise shot by Nick Miller.
     Now time to get back to all those people who I met at GDC, slowly remembering and writing each one! ^^;  I have something special in store for the people I met as well! ;)

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