Monday, March 26, 2012

Welcomed Weather

     It's sure strange these past few days from hot to cold to wet to dry.  I'm starting to feel as if the rain is begging me to stay awake, and continue my many projects...  I've been loving this random weather we've been having!

     Strangely enough, I met someone just now who shares the same online alias as I do... So I met THAT guy who is taking my name places.  Apparently we met via another person who was a customer at my work, and after some talks it turns out we kinda do the same thing... and even live near one another.  It's weird when the names in chat are identical, only being able to tell who is who by the color of the same name... and the text after it.

     I've also done some updating on my website... both visual and functional enhancements! Check it out!

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