Friday, April 13, 2012

Updates Audio and Markup

     I've made some adjustments to my site, as well as have stared to work on a few pieces of music.  For some reason I'm getting really good inspiration, I've started a few projects and I'm starting to get more and more into Midi as I do this.  For some reason I feel the benefit of writing and using Midi music strongly, and have recently started using only the default Midi sound fonts.  After I finish the Midi's, I'll perhaps later convert them to sample based audio, instead of doing it the other way around like I usually do, and this leaves me with a finished project in a very convenient format ready for re-vision and mastering.

     The adjustments to the site aren't going to be as visible, but I'm working on my other few sites a bit more and release my other site as I have time to get it up, it's almost a year anniversary for my online infrastructure! ;)  I'll put up some of my projects in my test area on my site/soundcloud for your discrimination... as they're quite rough works, but I like what I've been plucking out recently.

     I also am glad to see tax-season come and go, I always hate the stress incurred by this event, even if the stress isn't on my part.  Everyone is soo worked up and realizing all their hard work is again being deducted from, and trying to make any effort to save what they've worked for, a pitiful display.  The one time of the year the government is one of those big business corporations, and they invent problems for the general Joe to get around, creating jobs for people to specialize in how to read through the obfuscation the government puts there every year.  This is the type of thing that makes me want to run for president, and run a feather-duster in the cobweb-laws that linger in the dark corners of our broken government system.

/end rant

Remember America, Vote third party (candidate)~

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