Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

No matter what you're doing where... It's the fourth of July! There are plenty of ways to celebrate! If you're a Brit, you can wear a red coat, drink tea, and say "You should have stuck with us!" If you're Mexican you can consider this our version of your Cinco de Mayo, and go all out and reinvent our holiday like the Americans did yours...

 And where-ever it's possible, you should always light explosives, today is one of the few rare days where the Americans might not even consider you a terrorist if you go lighting explosives, it's actually patriotic for once! If there is anything I'm personally not doing, it's going to the beach. California has really made the ocean the worst place to go these last few years with rules like: No Alcohol, No Pets, No Fireworks(San Diego County), No Glass containers. Not to mention the locals making bank of you when you try to park your car to realize the residents are charging you to park in what would be 'free' spots. All so you can spend the day being haunted by the police force all night thinking up reasons to put you in jail for your neighbor's alcohol bottles lying around(last few years).

Instead have a nice BBQ with some friends getting down on some Games! What are you doing this 4th of July?

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