Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Case, and New Computer Temps!

     I got a new case, and it didn't strike me how much a good case actually helps your temps.  Not sure whether it's the size or the over-sized fans, but I get an average of 5°C Cooler - which is considerable for just a case swap.  It's a little bigger than I expected but It sure looks nice and I got to manage me some cables... Took 3 hours to swap the case out, here is a comparison of the two cases:

As you can see, the case is quite larger, and the fan on the top is considerably bigger and does move quite a bit more air.

Antec 200 V2 on the left, and an Antec 1100 on the Right

     But the real beauty is on the inside... quite an improvement in room in the new case makes it almost too easy for cable management, and no loose cables anywhere, no matter where you look.  The old case didn't have the room or holes for wire accommodation like the new one, so here is a comparison of the two builds on the inside:

Antec 200 V2 Case
Some light cable management pushed behind the HD Casing.

Antec 1100 Case
Used all the management Holes, Doesn't look half bad ;)

     Overall a great improvement, I still have to test our long term running temps, and I DID have to slightly modify part of the case to accommodate my Corsair Liquid Cooling H60 Kit, up at the top there is this Fan controller that runs off of one molex, but the molex won't fit with the H60 in there, so I turned it upside down, and ran an extension to the fan controller to the back.  Overall it looks good with it's side off, and with  it's side on!  I can control how bright it is, but it does glow UV light most of the time!  And with this Ballistix Tracer Ram, it's a rave inside whenever my computer starts getting worked up!

     I'm pretty happy with it... All I need to do now is get a new video card, because Windows is telling me it's the slow part of my system...

     Time to wait on some good SLI so I can try out some Nvidia Surround action!  Likely my next big upgrade...

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